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Books: Title and Price*

The Answer Is a Miracle $9
Bringing the Course to Life $13
The Certainty of Salvation $6
Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Judgment $10
Glossary of Terms $14
How Can We Forgive Murderers? $16
Let Me Remember You $11
Path of Light $21
Reality and Illusion $12
Relationships As a Spiritual Journey $12
Return to the Heart of God $23
Seeing the Bible Differently $7
Shrouded Vaults of the Mind $6
The Workbook As a Spiritual Practice $6

Study and Practice Guides*

The Illuminated Text v.1-v.7 $23 each
A Workbook Companion Volume I (Lessons 1-180) $26
A Workbook Companion Volume II (Lessons 181-365) $26

CDs: Title and Price*

Meditations for Resting in God $14
Visualizations for the Journey $16

Source Material: Title and Price*

A Course in Miracles Complete and Annotated Edition $60
Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice $8
Song of Prayer: Prayer, Forgiveness, Healing $8
Absence from Felicity $18

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Circle of Atonement Publications

A Course in Miracles Complete and Annotated Edition  

A Course in Miracles has become a contemporary spiritual classic. Since it was originally published in 1976, readers have recognized in its words truths that they had never heard before, yet somewhere inside seemed to have always known. However, in the process of editing for publication, roughly forty-five thousand words were edited out, mostly from the first seven chapters of the Text, and the wording of the first four chapters was edited to the point where only about a fifth of their sentences retained their original wording.

The Complete and Annotated Edition aims to restore the material that was lost. It was created by going back to Helen’s shorthand Notes and editing afresh, retaining the original words to the maximum degree possible. By going back to the words that Helen Schucman heard in her mind and wrote down in her notebooks, it attempts to bring the reader into a more direct encounter with the power of those words. It includes, either in its main body or in appendices, those approximately forty-five thousand words that had been removed in the original published edition.

The teaching in this edition does not contradict the teaching found in other editions of A Course in Miracles. However, we believe that this edition will allow the Course’s true meaning and character to shine through a little more clearly. And we hope that this will enable students to better see the Course for what it is, relate to it as it is, and apply its profound truths to their lives.

The Answer is a Miracle, by Robert Perry & Allen Watson
So many of us were attracted to the Course by the promise of miracles. But what are they? Are they divine healings of the body? Shifts in perception? Amazing occurrences in external situations? Do we perform them, or do they happen in our minds? For most Course students, miracles, if anything, have become more a source of confusion than inspiration. In this book we will attempt to clear up this confusion and reinstate the inspiration.

Bringing the Course to Life: How to Unlock the Meaning of A Course in Miracles for Yourself, by Allen Watson and Robert Perry
For thousands of spiritual seekers, the words of A Course in Miracles carry a depth of truth and meaning they have encountered nowhere else. Yet these words can sometimes be a stumbling block, seemingly hard to understand. This book will teach the student, through practical examples, how to read the Course so that it becomes a personal encounter with truth. (Between printings, but available in limited quantities)

The Certainty of Salvation, by Robert Perry & Allen Watson
An antidote to feelings of discouragement, impatience, despair, and doubt about reaching the spiritual goal of A Course in Miracles, the state in which our minds have become changeless, spotless mirrors of God’s Love. Includes many of the Course’s most encouraging and uplifting thoughts. Reading it will enrich your understanding of the Course, strengthen your faith in its

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Judgment but Were Too Busy Doing It to Notice, by Robert Perry & Allen Watson
The subject of judgment is often confusing for students of spirituality. It seems necessary in this world, yet we are told that letting go of it will bring freedom and happiness. Perry and Watson present a survey of teachings about judgment in A Course in Miracles, such as, what it is, giving it up, if it’s always inappropriate, the right use of judgment, and how we can make decisions without judging. Full of insights and practical information about judgment and letting go of it.

Glossary of Terms from A Course in Miracles, by Robert Perry
A Course in Miraclesuses language in a unique way, filling familiar terms with new meaning. This makes its language initially confusing, yet eventually transformative. This glossary clears up the confusion and helps the reader experience the full effect of the Course’s language and teaching. Definitions include Course meanings, as well as root, conventional, and Christian meanings. Intended for both new and experienced students and for individual and group study, this is an indispensable tool.

How Can We Forgive Murderers? And Other Answers to Questions about A Course in Miracles, by Greg Mackie
As a student of the Course, have you ever had difficult questions about its teachings? Have you ever wondered how those teachings could be applied to your life? If so, this book can help. In it, you will find answers to a wide variety of questions-actual questions asked by individual Course students-about Course theory, interpretation, practice, and application.

Let Me Remember You: God in A Course in Miracles, by Robert Perry & Allen Watson
In A Course in Miracles, God is everything: our Source, our home, and our one goal. This book is designed to help readers gain, or perhaps regain, a sense of God’s relevance and active presence in their lives. It will be of value to new and experienced Course students, as well as to others seeking to have a closer relationship with God or to heal their existing relationship with God.

Path of Light: Stepping into Peace with A Course in Miracles, by Robert Perry
Robert Perry has written this innovative exploration for everyone who encounters the Course, from veteran students to the merely curious. This guide goes beyond the explanation of spiritual concepts to help readers experience greater peace, forgiveness, and the healing of relationships in their everyday lives. It has become one of the Circle’s most popular titles. In her forward, Marianne Williamson has said,

An enlightening and comprehensive guide, Path of Light provides a bridge into the fascinating world of A Course in Miracles, allowing readers to experience its promises of forgiveness and peace.

Reality & Illusion: an Overview of Course Metaphysics, by Robert Perry
A Course in Miraclesis a path with a practical focus on forgiveness, although it rests on a lofty vision of ultimate reality. This book examines this vision of reality, its account of the events which gave birth to our current existence, and how the Course views the relationship between ultimate reality and the illusory world of separation

Relationships As a Spiritual Journey: from Specialness to Holiness, by Robert Perry
We all value relationships and hope that they will bring us the love that we all seek. Yet our relationships seem to fall short of their potential, and we wonder why. In this book, Robert Perry explains why and shows us how our relationships can be, not merely a source of joy, but a powerful vehicle of spiritual awakening. He guides you along the journey from special relationships (based on the pursuit of individual interests) to holy relationships (based on the pursuit of a truly common goal).

Return to the Heart of God: the Practical Philosophy of A Course in Miracles, by Robert Perry
An in-depth exploration of the profound teachings of A Course in Miracles, and a book that continues the journey begun in Path of Light. Reviewers’ comments:

Robert Perry beautifully illuminates the principles of A Course in Miracles. If you wish to understand its teachings more fully, this is a book for you. I highly recommend it. (Marianne Williamson)

A masterful job of presenting the true essence, the heart and soul, of A Course in Miracles in a way that offers hope and healing. (Iyanla Vanzant)

Seeing the Bible Differently: How A Course in Miracles Views the Bible, by Allen Watson
Addresses the question, “How does A Course in Miracles relate to the Bible?” Drawing on the Course’s own attitude toward the Bible, this book recognizes both similarities and differences, and emphasizes the continuity of God’s message in the two books, seeing the Course as a clearer presentation of truth, superceding the Bible while standing clearly in its lineage.

Watson helps the reader evaluate the teachings of the Bible, enrich their understanding of the Course with knowledge of the Bible, and integrate the truths they find in the Bible into their understanding of the Course.

Shrouded Vaults of the Mind, by Robert Perry
A Course in Miracles contains a vast and original system of spiritual psychology offering deep insights into the human mind. I hope that you find this a fascinating and eye-opening tour of the Course’s view of the mind. Buckle your seat belts, though, for this tour is more like a roller coaster ride. Before we arrive safely in Heaven, we will have to pass through hell.

The Workbook As a Spiritual Practice, by Robert Perry
This booklet presents the Workbook for Students as a carefully designed program in a profound new method of spiritual practice, and as the key to realizing the promises of A Course in Miracles. (Out of print, but available in limited quantities)

A Workbook Companion, by Allen Watson & Robert Perry
The indispensable two-volume companion to A Course in Miracles, illuminating your journey through its 365 daily lessons. Allen Watson and Robert Perry provide first-rate help and guidance in their Workbook Companion series. These books offer abundant provisions for the journey, from insightful teachings and personal anecdotes to detailed lesson instructions and cameo essays on related topics such as meditation in the Course. Allen and Robert’s companionship and wise counsel make the lessons spring to life, bringing miracles into your daily experience.

Thousands of ACIM students worldwide have already benefited from the lesson commentaries and summaries. Scores have described how their practice of the Workbook lessons has been transformed and their understanding and appreciation of the teachings enriched.

In two volumes. Volume I covers Lessons 1-180; Volume II covers Lessons 181-365.

The Illuminated Text (7-volumes ), by Robert Perry and Greg Mackie

The Text is the foundation of A Course in Miracles. Doing the Course is simply a process of learning and internalizing its thought system, and the Text is where that thought system is laid out. It is an unparalleled spiritual tour de force. Careful study of it will change your outlook in ways that perhaps nothing else can.

Many students, however, find the Text to be very hard going, and wish they had a deeper grasp of what they were reading. The Illuminated Text is drawn from the Text Reading Program, the Circle of Atonement’s one-year study program of the Text of A Course in Miracles. It will guide you, in detail, through the Text, enabling you to get a deep understanding of this spiritual masterpiece.


Meditations for Resting in God: from A Course in Miracles, by Robert Perry
Two complete meditations on resting in God, led by Robert Perry, with musical accompaniment.

  • We Ask for Rest Today
  • I Call upon God’s Name

Visualizations for the JourneyInspired by the Workbook of A Course in Miracles, by Robert Perry & Allen Watson
Visualizations inspired by the Workbook of A Course in Miracles. Written by Robert Perry and read by Allen Watson. Music performed by Laurie Riley. These visualizations were inspired by the following Workbook lessons, and are designed to facilitate the experience that the lesson is aiming for.

  • “I rest in God.” (Lesson 109)
  • “Forgiveness is the key to happiness.” (Lesson 121)
  • “I give the miracles I have received.” (Lesson 159)
  • “I am at home. Fear is the stranger here.” (Lesson 160)
  • “This is my holy instant of release.” (Lesson 227)
  • “The Word of God is given me to speak.” (Lesson 276)
  • “All gifts I give my brothers are my own.” (Lesson 316)
  • “I let forgiveness rest upon all things, for thus forgiveness will be given me.” (Lesson 346)

Source Material

Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice and Song of Prayer: Prayer, Forgiveness, Healing
These two booklets are extensions of the principles of A Course in Miracles, from the same source.

Absence from Felicity: The Story of Helen Schucman and Her Scribing of A Course in Miracles, by Kenneth Wapnick
In addition to relating the fascinating history of the scribing of he Course, this book contains a great deal of personal guidance from the author of the Course given to both Helen and her co-scribe, Bill Thetford. It therefore provides a unique window into how two people could apply the Course in their ordinary lives.